The affordable way to enjoy enjoy video, music, games, and all your favorite apps.

  1. Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10 Tablet

    Thin, portable tablet with 7" wide-view screen for on the go entertainment.

  2. Lenovo A7-30 Tablet

    Premium sound for your music and multimedia, with a bright 7" display.

  3. Lenovo A7-50 tablet

    Wideview 7" tablet built for better reading and browsing.

  4. Lenovo A8 tablet

    Bold colors, big 8" wideview display and entertainment features built in.

  5. Lenovo A10 tablet

    10.1" tablet with powerful performance for both rich entertainment and smart productivity.

  6. Lenovo A1000 tablet

    Portable 7” tablet optimized for music with Dolby® audio enhancement

  7. Lenovo A3000

    Powerful 7" mobile entertainment tablet with quad core processor

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Lenovo has 2000 designers and engineers focused on factors that make a difference to users. From hard drives that help prevent data damage, to noise-cancelling microphones for clear web chats, to responsive power management for lower consumption, our team attends to details.