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Performance and value
The Thinkpad SL Series has the reliability and durability small businesses require. It has the quality the ThinkPad brand is known for, as well as services and features tailored to meet their specific needs.

SL series
Outstanding connectivity
The last thing you need to worry about if you are out calling on a client is how to connect to the internet. The ThinkPad SL comes standard with WLAN built in, and offers a variety of available wireless connectivity options. The WWANted feature gives you embedded WWAN capability for faster connectivity, upload and download times. You can take advantage of your carrier's entire network, instead of being concerned with connecting to a specific LAN. In selected cities, the ThinkPad SL's WiMax capability lets you connect over several miles' radius without having an agreement with a wireless carrier.
Outstanding Connectivity
Core technology

ThinkPad SL Series notebooks feature Intel® Centrino® 2 technology. Notebooks with Intel® Centrino® 2 technology helps keep your workforce mobile, managed and secure. With hardware-assisted remote isolation, diagnostics and repair, you can manage your mobile workforce wirelessly, even if the system's OS is unresponsive.
And with industry-leading performance1, you'll get faster wireless connectivity speeds and the longest possible battery life. Free up your workforce and experience mobile computing without limits. Get industry-leading performance from Intel.

Other technology features available on ThinkPad SL Series notebooks include:

  • Windows 7 Professional 32
  • Integrated or discrete graphics - Intel® integrated graphics are ideal for Web browsing and business applications. Or for extra horsepower such as 3D applications, try the discrete graphics solutions from NVIDIA®.
  • High definition audio and video - Thinkpad SL series gives you best-in-class audio and video, including optional Blu-Ray high definition DVD optioncal drives and and HDMI port standard on all models.
  • High-resolution widescreen displays - Bright, easy-to-view displays up to 14.1" WXGA+ (1440x900) and 15.4" WSXGA+ (1680x1050).
  • LED-Backlit Displays- ThinkPad SL300 comes with an LED-Backlit display, which lowers power consumption and offers brighter colors for better viewing outdoors or in bright offices.
Contemporary, stylish design
Like every ThinkPad, the SL Series is black to give it a serious, businesslike exterior. Its glossy finish gives it an edgier, more personalized look. It's vibrant-view and anti-glare displays deliver an outstanding picture, whether viewing spreadsheets or watching videos.
sl shiny back
EPEAT Lenovo is committed to protecting the environment and keeping your energy costs low. And we're especially proud that the ThinkPad SL400 and SL500 earned an EPEAT Silver rating, and ThinkPad SL300 earned an EPEAT Gold rating from the Green Energy Council, a division of the EPA. To earn a silver rating, the ThinkPad SL400 and SL500 had to pass a set of 23 required performance criteria and 50% of the optional criteria in 8 categories. To receive an EPEAT Gold rating, the ThinkPad SL300 met 23 required environmental performance criteria and 75% of the optional criteria. Also, the ThinkPad SL300 is one of the industry's first PCs with a GREENGUARD Air Quality certification.

The new Energy Star 4.0 label attests to their superior efficiency and low emissions.

Our latest notebooks are extremely energy efficient. The Energy Star 4.0 label requires that discrete graphics models in idle state consume less than 22W power, integrated graphics models less than 14W. This lowers operating costs, obviously. But it also means less overall energy use and reduced heat emissions - making a Lenovo notebook a wise choice for the environment.

Service and support
Lenovo is known worldwide for the unique support tools and other services we provide for our systems and the customers who buy them.
  • ThinkVantage™ Productivity Center provides unique self-help tools and is accessible from a dedicated keyboard key.
  • Online e-support gives you 24-hour access to product documentation and driver downloads.
  • Lenovo Experts Live makes it possible to get expert technical assistance on-demand.
  • ThinkPlus Maintenance and Protection Services offers enhanced coverage for special needs.
Reliability you can trust
ThinkPad SL protects your investment and your valuable data with several reliability features. It's Active Protection System protects your hard drive when sudden movement is detected. Its spill-resistant keyboard protects the internal components of the ThinkPad SL by funneling spilled liquid to a drain hole in the bottom of the system.

spill proof keyboard Our user friendly Rescue and Recovery tool lets you quickly diagnose and recover from an external virus or spyware so you can get back to your business as quickly as possible.
Built-in-solutions and security
In today's environment, information security is more critical than ever for small businesses. Select models are available with one or more of the following security features:
Built-in-solutions and security
Need more?  Lenovo's exclusive Learn more about ThinkVantage® Technologies maximize security and convenience.  They include:
  • Active Protection System™ helps protect data by temporarily stopping the hard drive when sudden motion is detected.
  • Rescue and Recovery™ allows easy, one-button recovery from system crashes, even if the OS won't boot.
  • System Update downloads and installs updates without requiring specific user knowledge.
  • System Migration Assistant™ transfers files and settings from your old system to your new one.
Additional features
ThinkPad SL notebooks are available with a variety of convenience and multimedia features and software, including:
Integrated camera Integrated camera
SXGA resolution camera is perfect for video conferencing, VoIP, and even just chatting with your friends online.
Full-size, ergonomic keyboard Full-size, ergonomic keyboard
R Series features the famous ThinkPad keyboard, renowned for its full array of keys and excellent feel.
ThinkPad Blue-ray Recordable Ultrabay Enhanced Drive ThinkPad Blue-ray Recordable Ultrabay Enhanced Drive
The next generation optical disc format; great for movie watchers, since Blue-ray is gaining popularity in Hollywood.
Accessories Accessories
Lenovo offers a full line of accessories, including docks, port replicators, wireless mice and extra batteries.
Trackpoint® Trackpoint®
ThinkPad is famous for the little red TrackPoint in the center of the keyboard.
2007 Microsoft® Office 2007 Microsoft® Office
Add a 2007 Microsoft Office suite to your system purchase. It's the most significant update to the Office interface in more than a decade.
Learn more
Windows Vista
Lenovo offers a wide variety of notebook systems with the new  operating system - plus online training courses to help you use it.
Lenovo and Windows Vista
Windows Vista training from Lenovo