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Rest easy.

Worrying about your PC is no fun. The affordable, user-friendly Lenovo B460 takes the anxiety out of laptop ownership and helps you get your work done faster—so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Security made simple. Safeguard your data with the easy-to-use Lenovo Security Suite1Lenovo Security Suite available on Lenovo B460 only..
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Protect against unauthorized computer access with simple password setup and fingerprint authentication.
  • Log in fast with the integrated fingerprint reader.
  • Prevent unauthorized data copying with the USB port locker.

Priceless peace of mind. The easy-to-use Lenovo OneKey™ Rescue System helps detect and remove viruses and—in the event of a system crash—helps restore your operating system and create recovery discs. No IT training required!
B460 Rest easy
Simplify work and life

Simplify work and life.

Ergonomic keyboard. Our keyboards are legendary. Optimally spaced keys, laser-shaped keycaps and a rubberized feel offer the ultimate in typing comfort and help reduce typos.

Wireless that works. Get great wireless connectivity options and an easy way to manage them. Use ReadyComm software’s simple interface to create, manage and share Internet connections. Set up direct peer-to-peer connections to quickly transfer files between two computers. Connect multiple computers to the Internet with a wireless device from anywhere. And much more!

Convenient features. Do more with your laptop. Windows 7 Professional, Select B Series models include a DVD drive, integrated Web cam, stereo speakers and plenty of ports and slots for your favorite electronic devices2Features vary by model..

Latest technology to help you do more.

Breeze through your workday. With Windows 7 Professional, the latest Intel® processors, advanced NVIDIA® graphics and DDR3 memory, you’ll be amazed at how your Lenovo B Series laptop helps you get more done, much faster3Features vary by model..

Everything's better in HD. Enjoy Windows 7 Professional, cutting-edge NVIDIA® GeForce® HD graphics and enhanced video playback for sharper image quality, increased clarity and customizable color controls with Intel® Clear Video Technology4Intel® Clear Video Technology available on Lenovo B450 only.. Watch it all on the high-def, LED-backlit widescreen for crisp images with minimal energy consumption. And the 16:9 aspect ratio eliminates those annoying horizontal black bars.

Save energy. Advanced power- and battery-management software lets you choose from five power schemes, including Super Energy Saver, which can increase battery life by as much as 20%! Reduce power usage by about 40% with our smart thermal solution, featuring a quieter fan that’s less noticeable when it turns on and off.
latest technology