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By letting students bring their own laptop or tablet into the classroom or lecture hall and working within a standard operating environment, BYOD offers greater flexibility for students and teachers. Yet, with so many different devices, implementing BYOD can be challenging. As a leader in the BYOD movement, Lenovo is keenly aware of the challenges BYOD presents. We provide comprehensive managed BYOD solutions that work seamlessly within schools and universities.

Bring your own device, not bring your own disaster

There can be pitfalls when choosing BYOD:

  • • Short battery life
  • • Slow wireless connectivity
  • • Long repair times
  • • Incompatible devices and operating environments

Prevent disasters with Lenovo BYOD solutions

Lenovo’s close relationship and track record with some of the world’s leading educational institutions have allowed us to implement standard operating environments that complement our comprehensive range of BYOD devices.

By removing technology headaches, Lenovo supports students, parents and teachers with forward thinking solutions. For advice on the best BYOD, notebooks, tablets and services talk to Lenovo sales team.

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