X Series: convertible tablets

Portable convertibility
Looking for the perfect business tool that will maximize productivity? Our ThinkPad X Series Tablet is a robust, efficient and versatile portable computing solution.

Investing in a reliable convertible tablet could possibly be the wisest decision you can make. Whether you're an executive on the move, an educator, in sales or service, our X Series Tablets offer the latest in wireless connectivity, multi-touch screen panels, boast long battery life and are available in a variety of display options to suit your needs.
Portable convertibility
Introducing the X200 Tablet. See what's new:
Starting at just 1.58kg. Super light and ultraportable.
Improved battery life up to 10.3 unplugged hours with 8 cell capacity battery.
Stereo speakers with improved audio. Great for listening to music, watching movies, or for audio-enhanced presentations.
Optional integrated camera. Great for video conferencing.
Dual array digital microphones with superior noise cancellation software for a superior VoIP experience.
Connectivity options now also include UWB and WiMax in addition to previous options like Wireless LAN, Gigabite Internet, Wireless WAN, and Bluetooth.
More screen options such as improved LED backlit panels for improved outdoor and indoor viewing.
X Series Tablets. Fully Functional.
Lenovo designed the ThinkPad X Series Tablet with display options that are easy to use, easy to view and with all the unique functionality demanded of a tablet notebook.

The MultiView/MultiTouch screen lets you take handwritten notes with the digitizer pen, or use your finger or the pen to interact with the notebook, open applications, etc.

For those whose work is conducted anywhere and everywhere, our new X200 tablets feature display options like MultiView SuperBright LED backlit panels for improved outdoor viewing.

All the new X200 Tablets feature a redesigned dual swivel hinge that allows an easier way to move from a notebook mode to a tablet mode.

Digitizer Pen features a rubberized, tactile feel with a true eraser function. Simply flip the pen and erase just like you would with a pencil.

The ActiveRotate feature senses when the tablet is turned and automatically re-orients the display for correct viewing.

Cooler and quieter
Advanced Thermal Engineering technology automatically adjusts processor and fan speeds to keep a consistently quieter system. It also delivers significantly lower temperatures on critical contact areas such as the palm wrests, keyboard, track pad and underside for optimum comfort.
MultiView/MultiTouch screen
On-the-go people sometimes put their notebooks into risky situations. The X Series Tablet is tough enough to take it.
Magnesium-alloy top and bottom covers give extra strength to the notebook shell, adding an extra level of protection that's critical to tablet PC users.
The spill-resistant keyboard is sealed and contained within a tray with special drainholes that channel spills to the bottom of the system and lessen opportunity for damage.

Built-in-solutions and security
Since it's from Lenovo, you can rest assured that the X Series Tablet has top-notch security features. Select models are available with one or more of the following:
Integrated Fingerprint Reader Tired of remembering passwords? Get biometric authentication with the swipe of a finger.
ThinkVantage Client Security Solution Combines various hardware and software security features to create an integrated security solution. When used with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip, protection can begin immediately at power-on.
Full Disc Encryption hard drive Ultimate data protection. Data is seamlessly encrypted �C with no hassle or special commands.
32-byte boot password Lock your hard drive behind a longer, more complex password for an extra level of security.
Input/output port disable Disable your notebook's input/output ports at the BIOS level to help block unauthorized data transmission.
Need more? How about a suite of integrated solutions you can count on? Lenovo's exclusive ThinkVantage® Technologies maximize security and convenience. They include:
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Ease of use
The X Series Tablet is available with Windows Vista® Business, an operating system from Microsoft® that enables an improved tablet computing experience thanks to several tablet-specific features, including:
  • Visual feedback for pen/touch interaction
  • Customizable "pen flicks" for common tasks
  • A Snipping Tool to capture anything on the screen
  • Improved handwriting recognition
X Series Tablet models are also available with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, for those who are not ready to transition to Vista. Both operating systems offer Input Panel, the feature that quickly and accurately converts handwriting to text.
Core technology
The ThinkPad X61 and the new X200 Tablet raise the convertible notebook to new levels of mobile performance, without sacrificing portability or battery life.

Core technology
  • Available Intel® Centrino® Pro processor technology and available Intel® Centrino® Pro platform for enhanced IT manageability
  • Intel® Core™2 Duo Low Voltage processors allow a thinner, lighter design, powerful performance and longer battery life
  • Support for 4GB DDR3 RAM, plus available Intel® Turbo Memory
Storage options for the X Series Tablet include high performance, 2.5" hard drives up to 320GB 5400rpm and 200GB 7200rpm. Also available are new, Flash-based solid-state storage drives. They access data faster and use less power. And with no moving parts, they are less susceptible to damage and breakdown than traditional hard drives. So you get extra durability, longer battery life and faster boot and application load times.
Environmental commitment
Lenovo is committed to protecting our natural environment; our products have long been known for being environmentally friendly. And we're especially proud that our latest notebooks carry the new Energy Star 4.0 label attesting to their superior efficiency and low emissions.
Energy Star
Our latest notebooks are extremely energy efficient. The Energy Star 4.0 label requires that discrete graphics models in idle state consume less than 22W power, integrated graphics models less than 14W. This lowers operating costs, obviously. But it also means less overall energy use and reduced heat emissions �C making a Lenovo notebook a wise choice for the environment.
Service and support
Lenovo is known worldwide for the unique support tools and other services we provide for our systems and the customers who buy them.
  • ThinkVantage™ Productivity Center provides unique self-help tools and is accessible from a dedicated keyboard key.
  • Online e-support gives you 24-hour access to product documentation and driver downloads.
  • ThinkPlus Maintenance and Protection Services offers enhanced coverage for special needs.
Additional features
The X Series Tablet is available with a variety of convenience and multimedia features and software, including:
ThinkPad UltraBase Options ThinkPad UltraBase Options
More than a docking station, these docking solutions feature options like an ultra slim battery bay, Blu-ray, optical disc drive, stereo speakers and DisplayPort. They can run on A/C or battery power, providing easy, snap-in connectivity on the go or at home. And X200 Ultrabase is compatible with all X200 series notebooks for your convenience.
BatteryStretch BatteryStretch
A new feature in Power Manager, BatteryStretch permits temporary selections in extreme situations to extend battery life beyond what regular settings might produce.
Trackpoint® Trackpoint®
ThinkPad is famous for the little red TrackPoint in the center of the keyboard.
Accessories Accessories
Lenovo offers a full line of accessories, including docks, port replicators, wireless mice and extra batteries.
2007 Microsoft® Office 2007 Microsoft® Office
Add a 2007 Microsoft Office suite to your system purchase. It's the most significant update to the Office interface in more than a decade.
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Windows Vista® Windows Vista®
Lenovo offers a wide variety of notebook systems with the new Windows Vista operating system �C plus online training courses to help you use it.
Lenovo and Windows Vista
Windows Vista training from Lenovo