T Series: high performance

Designed for portability
Take a load off
Our thinnest, lightest T Series notebooks ever start at just 1.77 kgs. and 21.1mm thin so you can do business on the go.

Industry-leading battery life
Business can't wait for your battery to charge. Get up to 18 hours when you add a Slice 9-cell battery (available on T410 and T510 models) for all-day computing.67

Work longer with energy-saving features
  • Lenovo Battery Stretch lets you make temporary selections in extreme situations to extend battery life.
  • Switchable graphics on T410s lets you move to lower-quality graphics when you need to maximize mobile computing time.
  • Integrated graphics reduce power consumption by using graphics already onboard the Intel CPU.
  • Solid-state storage drives use less battery power and create less heat.
  • Optical disk drive and audio automatically switch to a low power state when there's no activity.
  • Green Power Scheme and ThinkPad EnergySaver technology help preserve mobile computing time.

No-compromise performance
These portable powerhouses feature high-end processors and graphics for lightning-fast performance and durable, reliable data storage. Intel® Turbo Memory and solid-state storage drives (both on select models) speed boot and application load times.

Picture-perfect viewing
T Series laptops give you superior graphics performance.

Switchable graphics let you power-up stunning graphics for important presentations, then power them down to preserve battery life. And they're easy to use. Just hot-key between Performance and Power Saving modes, or switch via the software user interface. No reboot required!

LED backlit displays are mercury-free and generate 25% brighter displays, boast crisper colors, consume less power and weigh 70 grams less than conventional CCFL displays. Use the wide dimming range to reduce brightness while still experiencing a clear display in dim environments.

16:9 aspect ratio on T510 models gives you an enhanced viewing experience.

DisplayPort video port (on select models) lets you attach a high-resolution digital DVI monitor using a DisplayPort connector. Use this next-generation display interface technology for everything from notebooks to monitors to TVs to projectors.

Next-generation design and usability
The new T410, T510 and T410s models feature a sleek, industrial design: clean lines, a symmetrical display and wider hinges. Plus, our next-generation keyboard and touchpad* not only have a more modern look, they're easier to use:
  • Larger, vertical Esc and Delete keys
  • Minimized key spacing
  • LEDs on CapsLk key and power-on and mute buttons
  • VoIP Fn+F6 hotkey combination
  • LEDs on fingerprint reader
  • 27% larger multitouch touchpad with wider left- and right-click buttons
* On select models

Easy-to-use touch screen
Our T410s notebooks feature Lenovo's optional multitouch panel. Indulge in the latest touch-screen technology that lets you naturally interact with applications—by simply using your fingers.
  • One- and two-finger gestures to pan, zoom, rotate, right-click and more
  • Enhanced sensitivity and accuracy for effortless usability
  • SimpleTap for easy finger-tap access to ThinkPad hardware controls via on-screen tiles and sliders (on select models)
  • New four-finger manipulation for object manipulation, two-hand image movement and even two-person collaboration

Stay connected
T Series offers several ways to connect for the best wireless performance:
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • WWAN (with GPS) or with Gobi™ technology for 3G-speed access (select models)
  • Bluetooth® 2.1
  • WiMAX
  • WLAN support
And like all ThinkPad models, T Series notebooks come with convenient Access Connections™ software to manage your connectivity options as you move from location to location.