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Desktop PCs aren't just for desks anymore.
A Series: All-in-one Beautifully simple
A Series: All-in-one
Beautifully simple
B Series: All-in-one Edgy, lean and bold
B Series: All-in-one
Lean, powerful and bold
K Series: Tower PC Fierce gaming machine
K Series: Tower PC
Fierce gaming machine
Q Series: Compact  Home theater PC
Q Series: Compact or tiny home theater
A Series. Beautifully simple.
A Series. Beautifully simple.
Slim, sliver-thin and stunning all-in-one performance. A Series PCs are gorgeous with the power to match. Look for our sleek, contemporary A Series desktops. They may look alike, but each are available in a range off-the-shelf configurations.

Want faster boot-up and shut-down time? Smooth, responsive speed? Flawless output for streaming and disc watching? First, to truly experience the power-packed A Series all-in-one, choose an A Series with the latest processor. Go a step further, and select a Lenovo-certified PC designed to deliver an enhanced experience like never before. Go a step beyond and select one with Lenovo RapidBoot. Choose from 21.5" or 23" LED displays, ahead-of-the-curve graphics, and ports galore whether you need to keep up or catch up with digital technology. Much more than a pretty face.

  • Simplified, slim, and stunning.
  • Jaws will drop. Heads will shake in disbelief.
  • So many features and full-PC power in such a space-saving design.
  • A Series PCs need just a sliver of space and look spectacular in that sliver.
  • Sleek, glossy white–destined to be the new black.
  • Fast, easy set up.
  • Very few cords typical of tower PCs.
  • Mount your mind-boggling, thin all-in-one PC on your wall. Sit back and enjoy your movies and programs on a hi-def screen and clear, life-like stereo sound.
  • Outstanding entertainment features and optional touch screen.
  • Choose one with a 4-in-1 remote and use as a motion control, VoIP and phone and with wireless capability up to 60' away.

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B Series. Lean, powerful. and bold.
Entertainment all-in-one PCs with an attitude.
Amp up your entertainment experience. B Series is one of our boldest and brilliantly designed collection of PCs built for an authentic yet nearly unbelievable entertainment and gaming experience. Get ready for high voltage, dynamic experience–from a thin, desktop PC. Designed for digital thrill-seekers everywhere. Built to not disappoint.

  • Up to Windows 8.
  • Aggressive, fast processing and speedy playback.
  • Brilliant screens designed to completely engage any viewer.
  • Best in class, killer graphics play out on a high-def, high-end Full HD widescreen. Available in 21" and 23".
  • Screens with 3D and touch-sensive technology.
  • Dolby® stereo and JBL top-quality stereo speakers for staggering, intense audio experience.
  • Optional TV tuner makes it easy to output to a TV and watch your favorites shows.
  • A high-sense camera attached to your crystal-clear screen trumps a simple web cam any day. It's like a camera and a web cam in one unit to use as you like.

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B Series. Lean, powerful. and bold.
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K Series. How fast do you want to go
K Series. How fast do you want to go?
Family entertainment with a twist.
Shift your gaming into high gear and go even faster. K series models offer a mix of traditional design and modern technology that's sure not to let your family down. Dynamic, fun easy playing and action-filled screening. Here are some of the features available to switch into high-gear. Configurations will vary so you can get the PC that's tight for you and your budget.

  • The latest processors from Intel® ensure smart, fast performance that you can actually see.
  • NVIDIA 3D vision graphics create an entirely fun and new visual experience.
  • TV tuner.
  • Up-graded wireless like WiFi b/g/n.
  • Three gears of on-demand power.
  • Its traditional tower makes adding components easy to expand your PCs' use.
  • Its tool-free design makes it easy to access the hard drive for quick fixes or easy upgrades.
  • Plenty of slots and ports; plenty of connection options.
  • Up to 5.1 audio surround sound.

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Q Series. Compact multimedia.
Versatile and affordable Full HD entertainment.
Q150 nettop. It's about the size of a book, yet, has the graphics power of a traditional, bulky PC. It's faster, quieter, more energy efficient and takes up barely any space. Use it to output Full HD to a larger screen for the ultimate entertainment or 3D gaming experience. It's also a clever, discrete internet streaming device.

Q Series. Compact multimedia.
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Windows® 7
Windows 7
The latest operating system from Microsoft offers a wide variety of systems preloaded with the newest Windows 7 operating system.
Windows® 7 Lenovo EE 2.0
Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 with RapidBoot technology
Start your PC on average 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows 7 computer and enjoy the best possible multimedia experience.
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