Enjoy a complete video, music and gaming experience—plus long battery life and high-res displays—with an unmatched range of slim, capable, Android smartphones.

  1. Lenovo S920 smartphone

    Upsize your entertainment with an extra large 5.3" IPS display, Android™ Jelly Bean, and 7.9 mm thin construction.

  2. Lenovo S890 smartphone

    A large 5" IPS display, dual core processor, and long battery life make the Lenovo S890 smartphone a great entertainment companion.

  3. Lenovo S850 smartphone

    Super slim & light, the beautifully-designed S850 boasts a 5” HD display, quad-core processing and two hi-res cameras—within an all-glass display.

  4. Lenovo S820 smartphone

    Enjoy infinite entertainment with the Lenovo S920's 4.7" Corning® curved glass display delivering a stylish, boundless look, comfort in the hand, and reduced reflection.

  5. Lenovo S720 smartphone

    The smartphone for music lovers with its 4.5" IPS display and Dolby® Digital Plus audio enhancement delivering a magical entertainment experience.

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Lenovo has 2000 designers and engineers focused on factors that make a difference to users. From hard drives that help prevent data damage, to noise-cancelling microphones for clear web chats, to responsive power management for lower consumption, our team attends to details.