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Business-savvy desktops.
Designed and built specifically for business, ThinkCentre® desktops offer cost-cutting manageability tools. Time-saving productivity features. Energy-conserving technologies. And models to suit any budget and space requirement. No wonder so many businesses—from startups to large global enterprises—invest in ThinkCentre PCs.
Ten  ways ThinkCentre PCs help control business costs
Ten ways ThinkCentre PCs help control business costs
Productivity-enhancing  performance
Productivity-enhancing performance
Worry-free  PC management and security
Worry-free PC management and security
Saving the planet one PC at a time
Saving the planet one PC at a time
Wise investment for any size business.

Wise investment for any size business.

Enterprising solutions. ThinkCentre M Series desktops and the M Series all-in-ones are built to handle the needs of medium-to-large organizations. From high-quality professional-grade components to energy-efficient features, to up to 15-month platform stability.Platform stability varies by model. The M91/M91p, M90/M90p, M80, and M75e models offer 15-month stability. Not to mention Think-branded reliability and one of the most reputable IT support networks in the business.

Small-business workhorses. Stay competitive and on budget with versatile, affordable A Series desktops and the A Series all-in-one. Work faster with the latest processor technology, like the A85—the first ThinkCentre with Intel® Core™ i solutions for small business. Maximize uptime with easy manageability tools. Get peace of mind with industry-leading IT support and services.

Form follows function. Choose from four different form factors based on your performance and space needs.
  • Traditional tower provides the ultimate performance.
  • Small form factor (SFF) fits into tight spaces.
  • Ultra-small form factor (USFF) fits in your hand—ideal for space-constrained offices.
  • All-in-one combines the traditional desktop and monitor into one sleek, space-saving unit.
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Ten ways our desktops help
improve your bottom line.

Windows 7 Professional
Drive productivity with fast processors, multitouch screens, support for multiple displays and much more.
Prevent data loss and corruption with our one-button ThinkVantage® Rescue and Recovery® tool.
Minimize downtime with world-class IT support.
Free up IT resource hours with easily deployable and upgradeable PCs.
Save energy and money with less-power-hungry PCs and energy-conserving features.
Be confident your PCs deliver the most reliable performance via our rigorous component testing.
Control costs by reducing transition, qualification, and testing costs, with at least 12-month platform stability.Up to 15-month platform stability available on some models.
Save space with slim all-in-ones and USFF desktops.
Reduce IT desk-side visits with ThinkVantage Productivity Center and Intel® vPro™ Technology.Feature availability varies by model.
11. Cut phone and travel costs with industry-leading VoIP features.
Ten ways our desktops help improve your bottom line.
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Performance that leaves other desktops in the dust.

Performance that leaves other
desktops in the dust.

Give your workforce the tools to be more productive. ThinkCentre desktops offer the latest  processor technologies designed for speed and multitasking, including up to Windows 7 Professional, 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i series processors.Processor availability varies by model. Our exclusive Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 delivers faster-than-average startup and shutdown times.On average, ThinkCentre PCs start up 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows 7 computer. Some models offer the optional RapidDrive SSD technology that's further optimized for business with dramatically improved application performance. Plus DDR3 memory and HD graphics support gives you ultra-responsive performance.Memory and graphics support vary by model.
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Focus on your business, not your PCs.

ThinkCentre desktops are so secure and easy to manage, they’re virtually worry-free.

IT simplified. Lower computer maintenance costs and free-up IT staff with smart manageability features, like one-button ThinkVantage® Rescue and Recovery®, a tool-less chassis for quick component upgrades, and a time-saving system update tool. You can even get up to 15-month platform stability to reduce transition, qualification, and testing costs.Manageability features vary by model.

PC protection. Protect business-critical data with Lenovo’s advanced security solutions, including chassis intrusion detection, an easy-to-use Client Security wizard, a USB panel enable/disable feature, and password management software. You can even add fingerprint-reader keyboards for an extra layer of protection.Security features vary by model and may be sold separately.
Focus on your business, not your PCs.
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Lean and green.

Lean and green.

At Lenovo, we’re proud of our leading role in building computers with a conscience. Our environmentally friendly and energy-efficient ThinkCentre desktops help reduce waste and energy costs — making a direct impact on your bottom line.Features vary by model.
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Windows 7
Windows 7
Lenovo offers a wide variety of systems preloaded with the newest Windows 7 operating system.
Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 with optional RapidDrive SSD
Available on certain models, some of our PCs feature an SSD (solid state drive) instead of, or in addition to, a traditional hard drive. Combined with RapidBoot technology, these models offer even faster boot and shutdown, along with dramatically improved application performance.
ThinkPlus services
Here when you need us
Lenovo's award-winning support is always a click or call away. For even faster, customized support, step up to optional ThinkPlus services.
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Toolless-entry design
ThinkCentre desktops offer a stable, flexible platform for your business or enterprise. Toolless chassis components and slots make upgrades easier. Repairs are faster with toolless cover removal, toolless slots and internal bays that flip up and allow components to slide in on rails.

Energy-efficient, clean and green
Energy Star Energy Star
Energy Star 4.0/5.0 compliance is available on select models of all ThinkCentre desktops. These desktops consume less power, emit less heat and make less noise. The end result is a more cost-efficient PC and a cooler, quieter environment.
Select ThinkCentre desktops have qualified as EPEAT Gold. The Electronic Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a green standard for electronics, provided by the U.S. government.
Select ThinkCentre desktops have become GREENGUARD certified, tested for up to 2,000 potentially harmful contaminants. Lenovo is the only computer manufacturer to have any of its products GREENGUARD certified.
Power Manager Power Manager
The new ThinkVantage Power Manager enables you to save energy and lower electricity costs across your business. System administrators can monitor and remotely control the amount of electricity used by all desktops in a PC fleet. Program your ThinkCentre desktops to shut down on evenings or weekends, and realize new efficiencies through Power Manager.
Solar power option Solar power option
Make your ThinkCentre desktop even more environmentally-friendly by powering it with the optional Solar-PowerPac renewable energy source, available from Advanced Energy Group.
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Windows Vista logo Windows Vista®
Lenovo offers a wide variety of desktop systems with the new Windows Vista® operating system �C plus online training courses to help you use it.
Lenovo and Windows Vista®
Windows Vista® training from Lenovo
Office 2007 logo Microsoft® Office 2007
Add Microsoft® Office 2007 to your system purchase. It's the most significant update to the Office interface in more than a decade.
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Java logo Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
New Lenovo systems include the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) as a standard feature, providing immediate access to Java™ applications and Web sites with no special download required.