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Rating of 8/10!
Leaving CNET
Best Notebooks of the Year So Far
"Thanks to its fast performance, superior keyboard, ultra-bright display, and much-improved audio quality, the ThinkPad X1 is the best all-around business ultraportable."
Leaving Gizmodo
Best Business Laptops
"Lenovo ThinkPad X1: The build quality of this ultraportable is excellent, and so is its performance. It comes with a good array of features, including a solid state drive and a backlit keyboard."
Leaving Australian PC World
Best Ultraportable Laptops
"When we reviewed this 13.3in model, we said it's the type of laptop that as reviewers we don't want to give back to the vendor. That's because it feels so solidly built and it just looks like it means business. It has good features and a nice (albeit glossy) screen, and it includes embedded 3G."
Leaving Australian PC World
Lenovo ThinkPad X1. Highly Recommended - Rated 8/10!
"Business notebooks aren't usually that pretty, but the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is a real head turner. The rubberised body and screen are only 21.3mm thick, so the sharply edged 1.7kg notebook is very portable."
APC Magazine: - October 2011
Built to Withstand a Man-sized Load
"What's interesting about the X1 is that, when I say I'm writing on the X1, I don't mean I'm using a word processor loaded onto the X1. I mean I'm on it. I'm standing at my desk, typing into a word processor on my Mac, with an X1 under my feet, talking my entire weight. Try that on for size, Samsung Series 9! Take that, MacBook Air!"
"The ThinkPad X1 feels like it's designed for work. The black coating on the machine feels ever so slightly rubbery, presumably so you can carry it from meeting to meeting without dropping it."
"The keyboard, which uses the chiclet keys popularised by Apple, feels ever so slightly different from the excellent keyboards on the Series 9, and, to our mind, ever so slightly better. It's a real pleasure to use."
"What's most interesting about the battery on the X1, though, is how quickly it recharges. After completing one of the above battery tests, discharging the Lenovo until it turned itself off, I plugged it back into the wall and then went off to have a coffee. When I came back to only 15 minutes later, the battery was already up to 51 per cent charge. It was 99 per cent charged in an hour. That's fast!"
Australian Financial Review June 8, 2011
The X1 is different.
"Not because it's decked out in bling for the sake of it. Its ThinkPad DNA is entirely evident when you open it up and spot the standard red trackpoint cursor, well-spaced keyboard and black as black can be styling. It's even black in the non-piano black style, which means the X1 isn't a fingerprint magnet."
Leaving CNET June 29, 2011
The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is one of the best 13.3in ultraportable laptop on the market.
"It's a no-compromise solution that features a full-voltage Intel Core i5 CPU, integrated mobile broadband, plenty of fast connectivity options, and it's very comfortable to use."
Leaving Australian PC World
Lenovo's new X1 laptop can survive drops, spills, you dancing on it.
"We highly doubt that you'll use your laptop as a dancing mat, but if you were so inclined, the Lenovo X1 is one laptop that shouldn't have a problem surviving."
Leaving Gadget Guy May 17, 2011
Lenovo ThinkPad X1: The Thinnest Core i7 Laptop Money Can Buy
"At 1.6kg and 1.7cm thick, it's not the slimmest or lightest ultraportable out there, but this thing is for the road warrior. It will fit easily into a bag, survive coffee mishaps, and has a battery that can charge to 80 per cent in 30 minutes."
Leaving Gizmodo Australia - May 17, 2011
"The X201 has an amazing 6+ hour battery life, integrated touchpad and pointing stick, full sized keyboard and the typical excellent ThinkPad build quality users have come to expect."
Leaving NotebookReview.com, October 2010
"The X201 is a lightweight, sturdy, 12-inch ultraportable that has only gotten better as the internal components have improved from one generation to the next."
Leaving Geek.com, July 2010
"This ultraportable has an excellent keyboard, a dual-core AMD processor, and strong graphics..."
Leaving Laptop Magazine, June 2010
"Another ultraportable laptop that should be on your short list is the Lenovo ThinkPad X201. While it might be mistaken for a netbook, given its 12-inch screen and tiny footprint, it's a lot more powerful. It packs a Intel Core i5 540M CPU. And because of a big battery, its battery life is an impressive 9 hours 36 minutes."
Leaving PC Magazine, April 2010
"This affordable, durable ultraportable has a great keyboard and plenty of pep..."
Leaving Laptop Magazine, March 2010