Performance and durability in our flagship laptop series. The superior design and build of the ThinkPad T Series, as well as our award-winning, spill-resistant keyboards, exceptional security features, and strong performance set these laptops as the gold standard.

  1. New
    ThinkPad T460 laptop

    This thin and light 35.56cm (14) enterprise laptop sets a new standard with the latest top-notch processors and operating system, plenty of memory and storage, stunning display and sound, and amazing battery life.

  2. ThinkPad T450 laptop

    35.56cm (14) business laptop — thin and light, with exceptional durability and security, ready for enterprise deployment.

  3. ThinkPad T440p laptop

    Performance, efficiency and durability make the T440p the corporate laptop workhorse that sets the benchmark.

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Decades of innovation focused on the needs of business users has made ThinkPad the laptop of choice for large enterprises and small businesses alike. These durable, reliable, high-performance machines have a rich history of helping users achieve remarkable goals.