Everyday Laptops

G Series laptops are perfect mainstream systems with essential functionality for the home — and a few performance-boosting extras.

  1. Lenovo G50

    Affordable 39.62cm (15.6) laptop for everyday use.

  2. Lenovo G50

    Affordable 39.6cm (15.6) laptop for everyday use.

  3. Lenovo G510 laptop

    Affordable, versatile 39.6cm (15.6) laptop for everyday home use.

  4. Lenovo G500 laptop

    Sturdy, versatile and affordable 39.6cm (15.6) laptop, up to Windows 8.1 Pro for families and small businesses.

  5. Lenovo G500s Laptop

    Slim, affordable 39.6cm (15.6) laptop for everyday use.

  6. Lenovo G505 - Affordable multipurpose 15.6” laptop for everyday use

    Affordable multipurpose 39.6cm (15.6) laptop for everyday use.

  7. Lenovo G505s laptop

    Slim, affordable 39.6cm (15.6) AMD laptop for everyday use.



Lenovo systems undergo stress tests to meet rigorous reliability standards. Many of our laptops pass 8 military tests for extreme condition with dust, vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water, and humidity.