Key Features


Whether you run a small business or the IT department of a massive enterprise, you can have confidence in these desktop PCs' reliability, ease of use and productivity — not to mention their green appeal. Choose from multiple form factors, then let these tools of business do the rest.

ThinkCentre Desktops & All-in-Ones
  1. ThinkCentre X1 All-in-One for Serious Business

    Thin as a Laptop, Powerful as a Desktop
    This aluminum-forged all-in-one PC is the first of its kind in the X1 lineup. The exquisite exterior is made to be showcased, but it also means serious business with features like solid security, easy manageability, widescreen HD display, as well as business productivity apps.

  2. ThinkCentre M Series Thin Clients

    Enterprise Network Computers
    Reliable and secure, these thin clients will give your network the flexibility of a client computer running from your server, but with native PC capability and power. Get blazing performance and intuitive manageability, and elevate your company's network to the next level of reliability.

  3. ThinkCentre M Series Tiny Desktops

    Full-Featured Micro Desktops
    M Series Tiny desktops provide big-business performance with impressive processing power and 15 months of platform stability — all while remaining energy-efficient and saving you space.

  4. ThinkCentre M Series Tower Desktops

    Enterprise Desktops
    Dependable and productive, M Series towers are a boon to any IT team. These industry-leading business machines are also stable and manageable, making them the perfect solution for any corporate rollout.

  5. ThinkCentre E/Edge Series All-in-Ones

    Space-Saving Business-Class Desktops
    Optimized for small-to-medium-sized businesses and designed with contemporary flair, these sleek, space-saving desktops put a memorable face on your business while providing it with tools to streamline functionality and enhance productivity.

  6. ThinkCentre E/Edge Business-Class Tower Desktops

    Business-Class Desktops
    Available in tower models, these durable, reliable desktops, engineered with small businesses in mind, are packed with features that enhance productivity and data security.



You can tell the difference, from durable hinges to acclaimed keyboards.