Lenovo A Series smartphones give you the latest technology—including powerful processors, brilliant displays, and fun, helpful features—at a price your wallet will love.

  1. NEW
    Lenovo A6000 smartphone

    The 5" A6000 gives you rich, sharp visuals; enhanced audio & stereo; and fast, responsive processing - without costing the earth.

  2. NEW
    Lenovo A319 smartphone

    With Dolby® Digital Plus and enhanced in-box earphones, the ultra-portable Lenovo A319 music smartphone can play your favorite tracks non-stop for up to 10 hours.

  3. A859

    Watch all your favorite videos, share photos, and video chat with friends on the A859’s crisp 5-inch HD screen.

  4. Lenovo A850 smartphone

    Go large and enjoy a big 5.5" IPS display and Android Jelly Bean without breaking your smartphone budget.

  5. Lenovo A706 smartphone

    Whether you're working, gaming, or keeping in touch with friends, the Lenovo A706 smartphone's quad-core processor and 4.5" IPS screen will give you the edge you need for an affordable price.

  6. Lenovo A526 smartphone

    The stylish and responsive A526 is an affordable smartphone that delivers the best apps and features.

  7. Lenovo A516 smartphone

    The slim and light A516 is a stylish and affordable 4.5” smartphone that delivers all the apps and features you need.

  8. Lenovo A390 smartphone

    A dual-core processor, 4" HD screen, and Android™ OS make the A390 a complete and affordable smartphone experience.

  9. Lenovo A369i smartphone

    Get more smartphone for less with the A369i's 4" display, Android™ Jelly Bean and 1.3GHz dual core processor.

  10. Lenovo A316i smartphone

    The Lenovo A316i: A 4" screen, dual-core processor, Android™ OS and dual SIM features in one affordable smartphone.

  11. Lenovo A269i

    The very affordable Lenovo A269i features a dual core processor to give you a great experience when using your favorite Android™ apps or playing games.

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Lenovo has 2000 designers and engineers focused on factors that make a difference to users. From hard drives that help prevent data damage, to noise-cancelling microphones for clear web chats, to responsive power management for lower consumption, our team attends to details.