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ThinkPad X Series awards
Press quotes
"We heartily recommend that anyone in the market for a small, portable business notebook take a good, hard look at the ThinkPad X200."
Leaving Hot Hardware, August 2008
"The 12.1-inch ThinkPad X200 offers strong performance and the longest battery life we've seen. With a variety of connectivity options and a roomy keyboard, the X200 makes a great ultraportable for road warriors."
Leaving CNET, August 2008
"Equipped with the new Centrino 2 processor, Lenovo's ThinkPad X200 looks a mild-mannered ultraportable, and yet it can leap tall workloads in a single bound."
Leaving PC World, August 2008
"When it comes to day-to-day mobile usage the X200 will be an ideal tool for anyone who wants something small and light but does not want to sacrifice on performance or usability, especially concerning their keyboard."
Leaving, August 2008
"Lenovo has just announced their newest ultra-portable, the X200... I've been fortunate enough to have used the X200 over the last several days and let me tell you - it flies!!! If this is any indication of the future X200 Tablet PC, I can't wait!"
GottaBeMobile, July 2008
"The X200 is a classy business notebook that leaves little to complain about, especially considering its price point."
Leaving, July 2008
"The Bottom Line: The Test Center can recommend both the ThinkPad X200 and the ThinkPad SL 400. In fact, the X200 is now giving the X300 a run for its money for the title of year's best notebook."
Leaving CRN ChannelWeb, July 2008
"Lenovo's heralded "rock solid" design? Check. An ample amount of ports stuffed into a lightweight package? Check. A price tag that's on the good side of reasonable? Check. Laptop has just awarded Lenovo's recently announced X200 ultraportable an Editor's Choice award after determining that what it has is likely what you'll want."
Leaving Engadget, July 2008
"The Lenovo X300 is the best PC laptop ever made.....and the keyboard, as on all Lenovos, is perfect."
Esquire, May 2008
"....the X300 is a Cadillac with a keyboard."
Leaving Boston Globe, April 2008
"...we'd choose it over the MacBook Air simply because it's just as portable but a lot more flexible.."
Leaving Digital Trends, April 2008
"After years of looking, I may just have found the perfect PC for business...The Lenovo ThinkPad X300 is impressive laptop and a worthy addition to the ThinkPad line-up that will appeal to globetrotting executives and road warriors who demand the ultimate in portability without compromising functionality."
Leaving Financial Times, March 2008
"Both the Air and the X300 are extremely impressive and should satisfy their users, but the ThinkPad X300 is a better device for serious work on the road."
Leaving ComputerWorld, March 2008
"If I were custom-designing a notebook to make my business travel easier, the ThinkPad X300 would be it."
Leaving Business Week, February 2008
"After visiting the Apple store last week, I would have purchased the MacBook Air had I had the money. I'm glad I waited until I got my hands on the X300. WOW!! I'm amazed every time I pick up the X300 at how light and well balanced it is.", February 2008
"If I were custom-designing a notebook to make my business travel easier, the ThinkPad X300 would be it."
Leaving Business Week, February 2008
"Oh my, fancy that! The X300 has more ports, better battery life, and sports an optical drive - STANDARD. Suddenly, revolutionAIRY needs a packet of CATCH-UP."
Leaving Laptop Logic, February 2008
"Right off the top, I'm impressed and will go out on a limb and predict that the X 300 could become the standard against which future generations portable computers aimed at executive and other "power users" will be judged."
Leaving ForbesOn Tech, February 2008