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M Series awards
Press quotes
"This "eco" business desktop comes in at $1300 and is a solid choice with Lenovo's credible brand. It's a solid business desktop that should not disappoint."
Leaving Ecofuss, August 2008
"This is the most energy efficient model in Lenovo's ThinkCentre desktop lineup, but it still packs an Intel Core 2 Duo processer (2.2 to 2.66GHz) and up to 2GB of RAM. It got a Gold rating from EPEAT, making this black box look even greener."
Leaving Digital Trends, June 2008
"After spending a week with the M57 and its companion L74 display, perhaps the most remarkable thing that can be said about them is that they are completely unremarkable except for their exceptionally low power consumption and environmentally-friendly design. It's handled everything we've thrown at it without a hiccup and we've both come to love the tiny footprint it takes up on my daughter's desk."
Leaving GreenTech Zone, May 2008
"The secret of the M57p eco is that this thing packs considerable power under the hood."
Leaving Geek.com, May 2008