Key Lenovo Features

Innovative Design, Responsive Performance

Lenovo laptops fit any budget while offering many designs and features – from basic family laptops, to stylish multimode devices, to high-performance gaming notebooks. Match a laptop to your lifestyle, and express yourself with smart design and smarter technology.

Check out the Lenovo Laptops & Ultrabooks!
  1. Lenovo G50-70

    Everyday Laptops
    Offering more than just the essentials, these laptops have vibrant displays, the latest processors, and widely acclaimed keyboards to keep you productive.

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  2. Lenovo IdeaPad Z Series laptops

    Designed to entertain
    These laptops feature vivid displays and rich audio that bring your movies and games to life. Slender profiles and sleek, textured designs, mean they look as good as they perform.

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  3. Compare the Lenovo Lenovo Yoga Series Laptops!

    Multimode Entertainment Ultrabooks and Laptops
    Yoga takes the traditional laptop and adds three new, distinct, usage modes: Tablet, Tent, and Stand. Beautifully crafted and packed with power, the Yoga lets you work or play from multiple angles.

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  4. Flex Series Multimode PCs

    Affordable, All-Purpose 2-in-1s
    Thin & light 2-in-1 touchscreen laptops, perfect for on-the-go productivity & multimedia.

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  5. Lenovo Y Series laptops

    Extreme power
    These Y Series laptops feature premium displays, the latest hardware, and a bold, streamlined design.

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