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ThinkCentre E93z


Optimized to fuel business growth, this 21.5" all-in-one is the perfect marriage of performance, next-generation design, and productivity-enhancing features—everything you'd expect from an exceptionally-engineered ThinkCentre PC.

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    ThinkCentre E93zFeatures

    Optional 10-Point Multitouch Technology

    An optional capacitive touch panel allows for impeccable response time to 10-finger touch(Win 8 Certified). Actions trigger immediately, and the cursors follow your fingers around the screen without any perceptible lag or delay.

    Space-Saving Design

    Reclaim your desk and reduce the amount of space needed by up to 70 percent, compared to traditional tower desktops with an external display. Plus, at just 48 mm thin, the E93z is more than 25% thinner than our previous generation all-in-one (AIO), making it one of the thinnest business AIOs on the market.

    HDMI In & Out

    Transform your E93z into a brilliant full HD 1080p display for any HDMI-enabled device via its built-in HDMI-in port. Instantly switch between PC and monitor modes via a convenient on-board input button so you can merge both work and play. Plus, if you need extra display space, the HDMI-out port allows you to effortlessly connect to a second HDMI-enabled monitor so you can see more and do more.

    Lenovo Solutions for Small Business

    Built on the Intel® Small Business Advantage application, the Lenovo Solutions for Small Business provides unique security and productivity features for small businesses, including after-hours maintenance, software monitoring, USB blocker, energy savings, and the ability to backup and restore applications.

    Lenovo Solution Center

    The Lenovo Solution Center is a simplified dashboard that reflects total system health. This hardware diagnostic tool allows quick and convenient access to frequently-used system management tools, including backup and restore, antivirus and firewall settings, system/software updates, internet connections, and service and support.

    Superior Web Conferencing / Voice-Over IP (VOIP)-Optimized

    Engage in crystal-clear teleconferences with VoIP-optimized software and hardware, including a full HD 1080p webcam and digital array microphone with keyboard noise suppression technology. Additionally, the webcam includes a physical on/off switch to alleviate any concerns about privacy.


    Take advantage of multiple active displays and enjoy faster multitasking with the View Management Utility. Plus move data quickly between your PC and other devices with SuperSpeed USB 3.0, which enables file transfer up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies. And make seamless connections between audio- and video- devices with WiFi Direct and Bluetooth® technologies.


    The ThinkCentre E93z all-in-one is ENERGY STAR compliant, which translates to less power being consumed and less money being spent. Plus, Lenovo Desktop Power Manager puts you in control of saving energy and keeping costs down-so you can feel good about helping the planet and your bottom line. Made from recyclable materials and includes reusable bag for less packaging.

    Priority Technical Support (Optional)

    You demand a lot from your system and Lenovo Services help you stay productive. Bypass basic troubleshooting support with direct access to advanced-level technicians to resolve issues quickly. Add Priority Technical Support to your purchase.

    ThinkCentre E93z
    21.5" Full HD 1080p Infinity Display With Optional 10-Point Touch
  • Tech Specs

    ThinkCentre E93zTech Specs

    PDFThinkCentre E93z All -In-One Tech Specs

    DescriptionThinkCentre E93z Tech Specs
    Operating System
    Windows 8 64 bit
    Product Name
    ThinkCentre E93z
    Form Factor
    • 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz
    • 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz
    Hard Drive
    • 500GB
    • 1TB 5400 RPM
    Optical Drive
    DVD Recordable
    • Intel HD Graphics 4600
    • NVIDIA GeForce 720A 1GB
    • 21.5" All in One FHD with integrated camera (1920x1080)
    • 21.5" All in One FHD Multi-touch with integrated camera (1920x1080)
    Network Card
    • Intel Centrino Wireless N-105
    • Intel Centrino Wireless N-2230

      Support and Services

      Advanced Deployment Services
      • Custom image load and creation services
      • Deploy with existing PC tools
      • Asset Tagging
      Business Class Support for Enterprises
      • Upgradeable to 5 years onsite
      • 24 hour Local Language Support Center
      • Onsite + Tech Install of Customer Replaceable Parts
      • Asset Recovery for End of Life
      • Accessories and Warranty

        ThinkCentre E93zAccessories and Warranty

        • ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds (0B47313)

          ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds (0B47313)

          The ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds eliminate 92% of ambient background noise through the use of active noise-cancelling circuitry contained in a battery operated compartment. Specifically optimized for office environments, autos, trains, and aircrafts, these ergonomically designed earbuds provide a secure fit that further isolates noise for a quality listening experience.

          LEARN MORE
        • ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Hard Drive - 500GB (0A65619)

          ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Hard Drive - 500GB (0A65619)

          Optimised for safeguarding essential data while on-the-go, the ThinkPad USB 3.0 500GB (1) Secure Hard Drive offers high-level 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security within a slim, lightweight, self-powered, easy-to-use design.

          LEARN MORE
        • MicroSaver Security Cable Lock from Lenovo  (73P2582)

          MicroSaver Security Cable Lock from Lenovo (73P2582)

          The Kensington MicroSaver® Security Cable Lock from Lenovo provides an extra level of security by physically securing your Lenovo notebook, desktop, flat panel LCD monitor, or docking solution to a stationary object.

          LEARN MORE
        • ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint (0B47189)

          ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint (0B47189)

          The ThinkPad Compact Keyboard is a legendary, award-winning, full-sized slim keyboard in a Bluetooth® version that's designed to enhance typing accuracy and comfort with the same curved keys and spacing found on our ThinkPad Precision Keyboards. Plus it includes Windows 8 function keys. The keyboard pairs with your PC through Near Field Communication (NFC). No more changing batteries inside the keyboard as this keyboard features an integrated battery with more than one month battery life and simple micro USB charging. It's the ideal solution to for your ThinkCentre.

          LEARN MORE
        Protect Your ThinkCentre PC With Lenovo Services
        services icon

        Why Lenovo Services?

        • Comprehensive portfolio of award-winning services to support your PC throughout its lifecycle.
        • Services performed by Lenovo-certified technicians using Lenovo-qualified parts. No one knows our machines like we do!
        • Global delivery network and infrastructure delivering expertise where you need it most.

        24/7 Access to Advanced Technicians

        • Priority Technical Support makes your priority, our priority. 24x7 priority call routing to Lenovo’s advanced-level technicians, electronic incident tracking, and escalation management.

        On-Site Convenience and Extended Protection

        • Extended Warranties (up to 5 years) offer fixed-term, fixed-cost protection to help you accurately budget for PC expenses.
        • Warranty Upgrades/On-Site Service can maximize uptime and productivity with convenient, fast repair service at your place of business.

        Ultimate Data Security

        • Keep Your Drive allows you to retain possession of your drive and data for maximum security and protection. (Not available in all regions.)
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      Standard on the Edge 93z:
      Integrated 10M/100M/1000M Gigabit Ethernet
      Form Factor
      21.5" All-in-One PC
      Starting at 6.84 kg
      2 x USB 3.0 (side), 4 x USB 2.0, (rear), Stereo/Mic Combo port (mic in/ headphone out), HDMI (in/out), DVD Recordable
      Integrated HD speakers with Dolby® Advanced Audio™
      Dimension (H x W x D)
      411 mm x 506.8 mm x 71.5 mm
      reason 4


      Lenovo has won hundreds of international awards for our forward-thinking designs